How manage PCOS/PCOD, Hormonal imbalance challenge

  • 1 Hours
  • Online
  • English

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The 21 Days Yoga Challenge is a focused program designed to help manage PCOS, PCOD, and hormonal imbalance through daily yoga practice. Participants engage in yoga sessions incorporating specific poses, breathing techniques, and meditation aimed at promoting hormonal balance and overall well-being. The challenge also includes nutritional guidance, community support, and progress tracking to support participants on their journey to better health.


  1. Hormonal Balance
  2. Helps in Stress Reduction and improves Emotional Well-being
  3. Improved Blood Circulation to the reproductive organs
  4. Helps in Weight Management
  5. Enhanced Flexibility and Strength


  • Course Duration 1 Hours
  • Timing 05:30 AM - 06:30 AM
  • Days 21
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
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