Diabetes Wellness Program

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Diabetes Wellness Program
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Welcome to our specialized Wellness Program for Diabetes

An empowering journey designed to manage and alleviate the challenges of living with diabetes. Led by a team of proficient Yoga Coaches, Wellness Experts, and Nutritionists, this program is tailored to support individuals dealing with diabetes.

Welcome to the 90-Day Diabetes Wellness Program at Bodhi School of Yoga! Managing diabetes is about more than numbers; it's about lifestyle. Our 90-day program focuses on yoga practices and dietary guidance that help regulate blood sugar levels naturally, fostering a healthier, more energetic you.

1. Blood Sugar Regulation:

Tailored practices and lifestyle modifications designed to regulate blood sugar levels effectively.

2. Nutritional Guidance:

Personalized meal plans emphasizing balanced nutrition, mindful eating, and foods that help stabilize blood glucose levels.

3. Physical Activity:

Customized exercise routines aimed at improving insulin sensitivity, managing weight, and supporting overall health for diabetes management.

4. Diabetes Education:

Comprehensive education on understanding diabetes, its impact on the body, and strategies for managing the condition effectively.

5. Stress Management:

Explore stress reduction techniques such as mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation exercises known to positively impact blood sugar control.

6. Community Support:

Join a supportive community of individuals navigating similar health journeys. Share experiences, receive motivation, and provide encouragement throughout the program.

7. Expert Guidance:

Led by healthcare professionals specializing in diabetes management, providing personalized guidance and support.

8. Lifestyle Modifications:

Learn sustainable lifestyle changes that support blood sugar regulation and overall well-being, promoting long-term health benefits.

9. Holistic Wellness Approach:

Beyond managing diabetes, embrace a holistic lifestyle shift that encompasses mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

10. Progress Tracking:

Comprehensive tools for monitoring progress, tracking changes in blood sugar levels, and overall health improvements.

This comprehensive 90-Day Diabetes Wellness Program online integrates education, exercise, nutrition, stress management, community support, and expert guidance to assist you on your journey toward better diabetes management and overall wellness.

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  • Course Duration 3 month
  • Timing 5 am to 6:30 am
  • Days Monday to Saturday
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
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