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  • 4 Weeks
  • Online
  • English

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Overview: Welcome to the Bodhi School of Yoga's immersive 4-week Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course, meticulously designed to immerse participants in the profound principles and practices of Yin Yoga. This comprehensive program transcends the ordinary, offering a deep dive into the physical, philosophical, and transformative aspects of Yin Yoga.

Overview of the Course

Delve into the heart of Yin Yoga, exploring both its physical and philosophical depths. Our curriculum covers a spectrum of essential topics, including anatomy, meditation, mindfulness, and a diverse array of postures and sequences. This holistic approach enables participants to not only deepen their personal practice but also equips them with the knowledge and skills essential to adeptly guide others on their Yin Yoga journey.

How Yin Yoga Teacher Training Benefits You as a Yoga Trainer

1. Deepened Understanding: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive understanding of Yin Yoga, amplifying not only your personal practice but also enhancing your teaching prowess.

2. Enhanced Well-being: Regular practice of Yin Yoga fosters improved physical health and enriched mental well-being, transforming you into a healthier and more effective teacher.

3. Skill Development: Engage in hands-on learning experiences, refining your teaching skills through group sessions, bolstering confidence and expertise.

4. Expanded Career Horizons: Becoming a certified Yin Yoga teacher opens doors to new career avenues – private classes, workshops, and more – broadening your professional trajectory.

5. Community Building: Connect with kindred spirits, forming a network of supportive and knowledgeable peers, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

6. Elevated Earning Potential: Certification as a Yin Yoga teacher may enable you to command higher fees for your classes and workshops, unlocking increased earning prospects.

7. Stay Ahead in Yoga Trends: Stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in yoga, ensuring your knowledge remains at the forefront of the field.

8. Professional Recognition: Upon completion, receive a certificate of accomplishment, cementing your status as a professional Yin Yoga teacher, recognized and respected in the yoga community.

Becoming a certified Yin Yoga teacher grants professional recognition. This credential enhances your credibility, allowing you to venture into diverse teaching opportunities, workshops, retreats, and private sessions, ultimately contributing to your career growth.

Embracing the Yin Yoga Teacher Training isn't just about learning a new practice; it's about transforming your teaching approach, expanding your horizons, and meeting the evolving needs of yoga practitioners. It's a pivotal step towards a fulfilling and prosperous yoga career.

Whether you're a seasoned yoga teacher eager to broaden your skill set or an enthusiast looking to deepen your practice, our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course is your gateway to a transformative journey. Join us at the Bodhi School of Yoga and embark on the path to becoming an informed, adept, and influential Yin Yoga teacher.

Who is this for?

  • History of Yin Yoga
  • Benefits of Yin Yoga
  • Yin and Yang Comparison
  • Yin and Yang and the Human Body
  • Functional approach to practice
  • Introduction to Connective Tissue, Fascia
  • Anatomy of Joints, spine, hips
  • The elements and meridians
  • Yin Yoga and the Mind
  • The Methodology of Yin Yoga
  • The Principles of Yin Yoga Practice
  • The most common yin yoga poses and their targeted areas
  • Posture studies in detail
  • Postures according to Elements & meridians
  • How to teach Yin Yoga
  • Teaching styles
  • Holding space in the practice
  • Self-inquire in the practice
  • The use of props to support the practice
  • Yang Poses as Counterposes
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Sequencing in Yin yoga
  • Finishing a Yin Practice
  • Sample Yin Yoga sequences


Embarking on a Yin Yoga Teacher Training journey requires dedication, passion, and a blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations that steer individuals towards successful completion. Here are the pivotal driving forces that propel participants towards the culmination of this transformative course:

1. Passion for Yin Yoga:

A deep-rooted passion and love for Yin Yoga serve as the foundational drive. Enthusiasm and genuine interest in the practice fuel the commitment required to absorb and integrate the course material.

2. Commitment and Dedication:

Successful completion demands unwavering commitment and dedication. The willingness to invest time, effort, and consistency in learning, practicing, and absorbing the teachings forms the cornerstone of achievement.

3. Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn:

A thirst for knowledge and a curious mindset pave the way for successful completion. Embracing an open and receptive attitude towards new concepts, techniques, and philosophies fosters continual growth.

4. Self-Discipline and Practice:

The course demands consistent self-discipline and regular practice. Cultivating a habit of daily practice not only reinforces learning but also deepens personal understanding and proficiency in Yin Yoga.

5. Support and Community Engagement:

Active participation and engagement within the learning community provide invaluable support. Interacting, sharing experiences, and seeking guidance from peers and instructors foster a supportive environment, encouraging progress and motivation.

6. Application of Learnings:

Applying theoretical knowledge into practical aspects of teaching and personal practice is pivotal. Implementing teachings, experimenting with sequencing, postures, and methodologies reinforce understanding and retention.

7. Reflection and Adaptability:

Embracing self-reflection and being adaptable in the learning process is essential. Recognizing personal growth areas, reflecting on challenges, and being open to adapt and evolve enriches the learning journey.

8. Endurance and Resilience:

Maintaining resilience and endurance during challenges or plateaus in the learning journey is crucial. Persistence in the face of difficulties and setbacks is the hallmark of eventual success.

9. Clear Goals and Intentions:

Setting clear intentions and goals for what one wishes to achieve upon completion helps maintain focus and drive throughout the course, guiding efforts towards fulfilling outcomes.

10. Integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit:

Harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit in the practice of Yin Yoga aids in holistic understanding. Connecting with the essence of the practice on multiple levels supports a profound learning experience.

By cultivating these driving forces and embracing the transformative nature of Yin Yoga, participants navigate towards successful completion, not just as certified teachers, but as individuals deeply connected to the practice and its profound impact.

Eligibility :

● RYT200 completion from Bodhi or any other institute

● Age group: 18-45 years

● Enthusiastic housewives, fitness trainers, dance instructors, etc

● Anybody passionate to become a professional Yin Yoga trainer

● Anybody who wants to be self-employed

● Anybody who is striving to stay in shape

Pre-requisites :

● Mobile Phone or Laptop

● Good internet connection

● Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures

● A nice notebook to take notes

● A Yoga Mat to practice

● A Yoga Bolster

● 2 Yoga Bricks

● A Flat Pillow

● A Blanket

● An open mind to learn



  • Course Duration 4 Weeks
  • Timing 2 Hours
  • Days (Mon - Fri)
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
₹15000 ₹30000

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