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This is a short process called yogic intestinal cleansing. This process represents in cleansing the entire alimentary canal from mouth to anus. Easy and effective technique for cleansing the gastrointestinal canal, thereby removing all the autointoxicants present in the alimentary canal. Its a very economical procedure which can be performed by the students at their own residence under the guidance of an expert trainer.

NOTE – No one should try this in absence of Yoga Guru and without advice of medical practitioner.


Benifiets of Yogic Detox

  • To improve digestion, Cleanses the gastro intestinal system of its impurities.
  • To improve metabolism and skin health
  • Helps in reducing body weight.
  • Cures digestive disorders, indigestion, constipation
  • Balance 3 doshas-vata,pitta & kapaha
Who should avoid:

  • Menstruation and pregnancy
  • Ulcers, kidney stones.
  • Below 15years of age
  • Very low and high BP, Diabetes



  • Course Duration 2 Hours
  • Timing 06:00 AM - 08:00 AM
  • Days 1
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
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