Diet and Nutrition Certification Course (Online)

  • 8 Weekends, 4 Weeks
  • Online
  • English

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Enroll in this diet and nutrition certification program to learn about the ideas and practices of using food as a tool for right nutrition. Bodhi School of Yoga accredits this online certification program to become a certified diet and nutrition consultant so that you can handle your clients with extra care. This course is designed for a duration of 10 Weekends so that you can start your magnificent career as a Yoga trainer cum nutrition consultant anywhere in India.

How will I benefit from Diet and Nutrition Course as a Yoga Trainer?

  • Proper nutrition for handling weight loss students.
  • Develop dietery knowledge for deffeciences and symptoms.
  • Learn ways to help a fatigued body and mind.
  • Understand the nurtrition aspects for spiritual growth.
  • Basics of energy metabolism and nutrition.
  • Boosts a student's energy levels.
  • Develop experience on counseling the clients and planning their diet chart.
  • Develop experience in treating common conditions.
  • Induce an overall sense of well-being in your student.
  • Spiritual and holistic way of eating.

Who is this for?

Nutrition Module

Learn about basic nutrition, physiology, nutrition for different age groups, weight management, and nutritive calculations, etc. This nutrition certification program is an added advantage for already existing yoga trainers to deal proficiently with the clients. Our online nutrition certification program formulates world-class certified nutritionists for the better well-being of society.

Diet Module
  • Day 1: Introduction to Diet and Nutrition
  • Day 2: Carbohydrates
  • Day 3: Protien and Fats
  • Day 4: Fat Soluble Vitamins
  • Day 5: Water Soluble Vitamins
  • Day 6: Macro Minerals
  • Day 7: Micro Minerals
  • Day 8: Water electrolytes acid base balance and phtochemicals
  • Day 9 to Day 12: Physiology
  • Day 13 to Day 15: Age Groups
  • Day 16: Weight Management Diet
  • Day 17: Meal planning and counseling
  • Day 18: Types of Diet
  • Day 19: Holistic approach to diet
  • Day 20: Food Microbiology  


Eligibility :

  • Age group: 18-55years
  • Should be a practicing Yoga trainer
  • Fitness trainers
  • Enthusiastic housewives, doctors, teachers, physiotherapists, etc
  • Any therapist who wants to enhance the career
  • Anybody who wants to increase market value of the yoga studio
  • Anybody enthusiastic to serve the society 

Pre-requisites :

  • Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Quiet space to watch the lectures
  • ​​A nice notebook to take notes
  • A zeal to help your students  

Course Certification

This 10 weekends certification programme at Bodhi school of Yoga is created by our professional nutritionists to encourage the importance of vitality through food. Throughout the programme, you will learn in depth knowledge on native and local foods, sustainable diets, breaking myths revolving around nutrition, crash diets and FAD diets and their negative effects on body. You will learn meal plans that can be utilised to handle various conditions in the body. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with a Certificate.


  • Course Duration 8 Weekends, 4 Weeks
  • Timing 2 Hours
  • Days (Mon - Fri)
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
₹15000 ₹30000

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