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Are you passionate about sports and looking to enhance your knowledge of nutrition to optimize your performance? Look no further! Our comprehensive course on Sports and Exercise Nutrition is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to fuel your body for athletic success.

Throughout this course, you will delve into various topics that are critical to understanding the role of nutrition in sports performance. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to fuel your passion for sports with the power of nutrition. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey to becoming a well-informed athlete!

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Sports and Exercise Nutrition Course

Day 1: Introduction to nutrition 

Day 2: Carbohydrates 

Day 3: Proteins 

Day 4: Fats

Day 5: Vitamins and minerals 

Day 6: Fibre and water

Day 7-11: Physiology (5 days)

Day 12: Body composition and energy systems 

Day 13-15: Sports specific nutrition (3 days)

Day 16: Adolescent nutrition 

Day 17: Pre event meal

Day 18: During event meal

Day 19: Post event meal

Day 20: Hydration strategies

Day 21: Botanicals and supplements 

Day 22: Master strategies

Day 23: Travelling nutrition 

Day 24: Common complaints of athletes

Day 25: Sports psychology

Eligibility: YTT 200

Duration: 1 hour

Weedays: 8-9 PM

Mode: Zoom


Day 1: Introduction to Nutrition

  • Get started by building a solid foundation in nutrition and understanding its significance in sports and exercise.

Day 2: Carbohydrates

  • Discover the importance of carbohydrates as a primary energy source for athletes and learn how to optimize their intake.

Day 3: Proteins

  • Explore the role of proteins in muscle repair and growth, and learn how to meet your protein requirements for optimal performance.

Day 4: Fats

  • Understand the different types of fats and their impact on athletic performance and overall health.

Day 5: Vitamins and Minerals

  • Explore the vital micronutrients necessary for optimal athletic performance and learn how to incorporate them into your diet.

Day 6: Fibre and Water

  • Discover the importance of fiber and water in maintaining digestive health and hydration for athletes.

Days 7-11: Physiology

  • Dive deep into the physiological processes that occur during exercise and understand how nutrition influences them.

Day 12: Body Composition and Energy Systems

  • Learn about body composition assessment and the various energy systems used during different types of physical activity.

Days 13-15: Sports Specific Nutrition

  • Explore nutrition strategies tailored to different sports and activities, taking into account specific requirements and demands.

Day 16: Adolescent Nutrition

  • Understand the unique nutritional needs of adolescent athletes and howDon't miss out on this opportunity to fuel your passion for sports with the power of nutrition. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey to becoming a well-informed athlete!
  •  to support their growth and development.

Day 17: Pre-event Meal

  • Learn how to plan and optimize your meals before a sports event to enhance performance and prevent fatigue.

Day 18: During-event Meal

  • Discover the best practices for fueling your body during exercise or sports competitions to maintain energy levels.

Day 19: Post-event Meal

  • Explore the crucial aspects of post-event nutrition for recovery and muscle repair.

Day 20: Hydration Strategies

  • Master the art of proper hydration and learn about effective hydration strategies for optimal athletic performance.

Day 21: Botanicals and Supplements

  • Get insights into the use of botanicals and supplements in sports nutrition and learn how to make informed choices.

Day 22: Master Strategies

  • Discover advanced nutrition strategies used by elite athletes to take their performance to the next level.

Day 23: Traveling Nutrition

  • Learn how to maintain proper nutrition while traveling for sports events or competitions.

Day 24: Common Complaints of Athletes

  • Understand common nutritional challenges faced by athletes and explore practical solutions.

Day 25: Sports Psychology

  • Gain insight into the psychological aspects of sports performance and learn how to develop a healthy mindset.

Led by our expert trainer, Tejaswini JS, who has extensive experience in sports nutrition, this course promises to provide you with valuable insights and practical knowledge to optimize your athletic performance through proper nutrition.


  • Course Duration 1 hour
  • Timing 8-9 PM
  • Days 25
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
₹15000 ₹30000

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