Exclusive Platinum Membership

Lifetime access to all present and future courses! Platinum Membership at Bodhi School of Yoga.

Exclusive Platinum Membership
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Welcome to the exclusive Platinum Membership at Bodhi School of Yoga – a prestigious opportunity specially tailored for individuals who have successfully completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC), whether through online, offline, or residential programs. This membership is a testament to your dedication and commitment to the practice, offering lifelong access to a wealth of benefits and courses designed to continuously elevate your yoga journey.


The Platinum Membership is a unique offering, acknowledging the profound accomplishment of completing the 200-hour Yoga TTC. This exclusive membership provides a gateway to a lifetime of enriching experiences and opportunities for growth. As a Platinum Member, you gain unrestricted access to all present courses offered by Bodhi School of Yoga, encompassing a diverse range of topics from foundational teachings to specialized workshops.

In addition to enjoying complimentary access to existing courses, Platinum Members are granted exclusive entry to upcoming courses, ensuring that their learning journey continues to evolve and expand. The curriculum covers a spectrum of subjects, from refining teaching skills to deepening personal practice and exploring advanced aspects of yogic philosophy.

The membership extends beyond virtual learning, offering Platinum Members free access to both online and offline yoga classes, advanced yoga sessions, and immersive workshops. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded and holistic development, allowing members to tailor their learning experience to align with their unique interests and aspirations.

Furthermore, Platinum Members have the privilege of complimentary visits to our Residential Yoga Academy, providing an immersive environment for continued growth and practice. This exclusive opportunity allows members to deepen their connection with yoga in a supportive and serene setting.


  1. Lifetime Membership: The Platinum Membership is a symbol of enduring commitment. Upon completing the 200-hour Yoga TTC, members are awarded a lifetime membership, ensuring ongoing access to the rich offerings of Bodhi School of Yoga.
  2. Free Access to Present Courses: Enjoy unlimited access to all existing courses available at Bodhi School of Yoga. From foundational teachings to specialized workshops, members can delve into a diverse array of topics without any additional charges.
  3. Access to Future Courses: Stay ahead in your yogic journey with complimentary access to all upcoming courses launched by Bodhi School of Yoga. This benefit ensures continuous growth and learning as new content is regularly introduced.
  4. Online/Offline Yoga Classes, Advanced Yoga Sessions, and Workshops: Platinum Members have the freedom to participate in a variety of sessions, including both online and offline yoga classes, advanced yoga sessions, and specialized workshops. This inclusive approach caters to different learning preferences and levels of expertise.
  5. Complimentary Visits to Residential Yoga Academy: Immerse yourself in a transformative environment by enjoying complimentary visits to our Residential Yoga Academy. This unique offering provides members with the opportunity to deepen their practice in a serene and supportive atmosphere.

Eligibility Criteria:

Individuals who have successfully completed the 200-hour Yoga TTC through online, offline, or residential programs are eligible for the Platinum Membership.

Join the elite circle of yogis with the Platinum Membership at Bodhi School of Yoga, where the pursuit of knowledge, growth, and transformation knows no bounds. Elevate your yoga journey to new heights and unlock a lifetime of opportunities for continuous learning and enrichment.

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