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The asanas create muscle tone, which helps to develop strength and stability in the body. Stretching the muscles while contracted make the muscles longer and will help to increase flexibility. Because of the dynamic nature of the practice, the attention moves away from thoughts occupying the head and the mind can settle in a state comparable to meditation. When you practice Power Yoga at your own appropriate level regularly, you will start to notice at least some of these effects within a few weeks.


  • Strengthening your heart and lungs
  • Improving cholesterol levels controls blood sugar levels and lowers the risk for chronic conditions like heart disease.
  • Builds stronger bones and muscles
  • Help in natural weight loss
  • Improves sleep, and boosts energy levels and brain functioning. 


  • Course Duration 1 Hours
  • Timing 6:00 PM - 06:50 PM
  • Days 21
  • Medium Online
  • Language English
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