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 Om Namo Narayanaya: Ashtakshara mantra for tranquility

Om Namo Narayanaya: Ashtakshara mantra for tranquility

Do you know the meaning of Om Namo Narayanaya?

Om namo narayanaya entreats Narayana, the supreme lord of reassurance and bows to him with all admiration. It merely means “I bow to lord Narayana”.

What is the history behind Om Namo Narayanaya?

In samaveda, Om namo narayanaya is an eight syllable ashtakshara mantra instructed by vedic seekers to the seekers who approached them for enlightment. It is assumed that this hymn disclosed its importance and essence to these vedic seekers through their penances, incontinently after this, they shared knowledge with seekers as a mode of self realization.

What is the literal meaning of eight syllable hymn?

Om namo Narayana is contemplated as ashtakshara mantra or eight syllable mantra.

Om: Eternal sound vibration of the cosmos.

Namo: means salutations or bowing down with immense gratitude.

Nara: means human being or it is also deemed as water.

Ayana: Implies resting place or it can also be considered as utmost goal.

Narayanaya is thus elucidated by saints as the ultimate landing place and the final dozing place, that each particular soul or living being desires for.

What is the power of Om Namo Narayana?

When this hymn is recited with utmost precision, fealty and faith, it offers the experience of spiritual awareness and eternal peace. It abolishes ignorance and antagonism. It exculpates obstacles and diversions and showers harmony, serenity and love.

Aside from these privileges, this serene mantra :

  • Sanctifies , calms and infuses the mind with optimism.
  • Bolsters the inner connection with the eternal lord.
  • Liquifies our self esteem into divine love
  • Blazes karma

This hymn is hailed as the mantra for world placidity. If you want to achieve eternal tranquility, come recite this serene mantra om namo narayanaya with Bodhi School Of yoga.