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Common Mistakes of a Yoga Teacher

Common Mistakes of a Yoga Teacher

Gradually, you may start searching the entire internet and social media for solutions to your problems rather than taking responsibility for your shortcomings. A good yoga instructor constantly grows, changes, and learns new things.

Let us look at some typical errors that yoga instructors must altogether avoid if they want to win over their students and establish themselves as experts in the fitness industry:

Problem solver mindset

You want to quickly apply all of your textbook knowledge to help a student who comes to you with a personal or specific health issue. This is the biggest mistake a yoga trainer can make. Keep in mind that you are neither a psychologist nor a physician. For that, there are experts. They have worked tirelessly for years. You are merely a yoga instructor. Before diving into these topics, master your subject.

Trying to make an impression

What do you do if a person with mental health issues comes to your class? Google babas would suggest meditation which is the most inappropriate approach. They won't like it in the beginning, and you'll ruin your reputation as a yoga instructor. Let them gradually become more familiar with pranayama and meditation. Make them exhausted and offer them Yoga Nidra for good relaxation. Please give them a relaxing Vinyasa Flow. Let them win your faith and trust, then guide them with total confidence.

Commitment is missing

Self-practice is what separates a decent teacher from a great one. It is critical to devote time to your personal practice to hold room for an excellent yoga class. Inner work and dedication to your practice allow you to progress as a teacher regularly. The more integrity you demonstrate in your yoga path, the more authentic you will appear to your students. Self-practice allows you to connect inwardly and trust in yourself. Remember that others will only trust and believe in you once you begin to trust yourself, and devoting time to self-practice is the most incredible way to reach this degree of self-confidence.

Stagnant learning

On and off the mat, life never stops educating us. No matter how skillful you are as a yoga instructor, you should never stop learning. Continue your education via seminars, retreats, or training to energise your practice and make your teachings more inventive. Yoga teachers are a guiding light for their students. Keep learning.

Confused mind

Choose your Guru wisely. Many teachers attend many workshops and training and keep learning on many platforms. Learn everything about Yoga to become a successful yoga teacher but have only one spiritual Guru. Don't do spiritual shopping. Choose one route for spiritual progress, fix your goal and follow one Guru.

Money matters

Do not come to this path if you want to make money. Take Sankalpa to help and reach out to people. You will get all that you deserve, and you will get more money than you ever thought.

Scattering attention

When you take class, focus. Your students are your products, and you must pay attention to each aspect of your student. Focus on every student. Let them know that you are alert and observing. Teach systematically. Be 100% alert. Not looking at your mobile or talking to someone or reading the newspaper.

Communication is the key

Never send reminders for payment and behave like you are hungry for money. Treat them with respect, and you will also get respect. Teaching Yoga is a sacred profession. Not a money-making business. Be humble, modest, and polite.

Tongue control

Do not display your spiritual knowledge and talk in detail about anything. People do not like gyan more. There are spiritual people for it, and let them do their job. Never speak for more than 5 mins in any class.

Entire Focus on Asanas

Yoga is a vast subject, and you must help your students program their minds. You need to reach the mind level of the student. Only asanas and more asanas and even more asanas and circus asanas will not help. 90% of people are suffering from mental health issues. Use tools and techniques of Yoga and help your students.

Breathe Vs. Breath

Understand the difference between breathe and breath. Fundamentals have to be strong. Breathe is a verb that is used for indicating inhaling and exhaling as a process. Breath is a noun which refers to a complete round of breathing. It can also indicate the air that is inhaled or exhaled. Do not make this blunder.

Do not become a yoga maniac

Many people try to market their Yoga everywhere. Inspire with your behavior, attitude, and actions. NOT with your mouth. Asking everyone to do Yoga is torture. People should ask you the reason for being so radiant. Silence is the best knowledge that you can apply easily. Always remember.

After completing Yoga Teacher Training, building your empire in the yoga market is not easy. Here are the top five tips for adopting yoga both as a service and a marketing mindset:

  1. Like what you do and do what you love.
  2. Focus on strengthening your grip on the subject.
  3. Understand your students and their requirements.
  4. Be authentic.
  5. Learn from your mistakes.