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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Have you ever considered that your anger towards your child may have an impact on their upbringing?

Have you ever considered incorporating yoga into your child's daily routine?

Bodhi School of Yoga is here to shed light on parenting difficulties and wishes to educate everyone about the benefits of yoga for children.

Parents are one of the most significant individuals in the lives of young children. From the moment they are born, children depend on their parents to provide for their needs, so that they can grow and develop appropriately, and to be happy and healthy. However, parents occasionally lack the knowledge and assistance necessary for effective parenting.

When a parent displays anger towards the children, the children tend to develop the same anger.In contrast, when you strive to instil all the positive traits such as yoga, children imbibe the same quality.

"What will make your children successful adults is not what you do for them; it is what you have trained them to do for themselves."

Here is an example of one of these amazing events that happened at the Bodhi School of Yoga. International yoga trainers and proud parents named Deepti Agarwal and Sharad Agarwal who graduated from the Bodhi School of Yoga, introduced yoga routine to her 5-year-old child Aryahi Agarwal. This wonder kid is a well-behaved child who practices yoga on her own and teaches yoga sequences with ease now that she is familiar with the various sun salutations.

Let us dive deep into the benefits of yoga for children

Yoga, which means "union" or "yoke" in Sanskrit, is the practise of accessing and integrating all aspects of our true nature—body, mind, and spirit. Yoga is not just for adults to do! In reality, it might impart to children important life lessons that would enable them to prosper in the outside world.

A youngster who practices yoga has a special chance to experience play and concentration without worrying about being wrong. Yoga encourages core values such as non-harming, honesty, moderation, cleanliness, thankfulness, and self-discipline. Children who practise yoga benefit in a number of important ways, each of which improves their overall well being.

Yoga enhances attention and focus

By practising yoga postures, adults can help kids relax and focus on the task at hand. Due to this dedicated effort to maintain balance or achieve a certain pose, yoga has been demonstrated in several studies to increase children's focus and concentration in school as well as their academic achievement.

Yoga boosts self-esteem

Kids' self-esteem can be greatly enhanced by yoga. By perfecting a pose or improving their balance and flexibility, young children may experience a sense of personal empowerment.

Yoga establishes the Mind-Body Connection

Being self-aware, caring, fearless, full of love and pleasure, and at peace with themselves are all traits that parents wish for their children to possess.Yoga helps kidsdevelop a healthy mind in a sound body by calming the mind and exercising the physical body.

Yoga develops Balance and Coordination

A crucial component of yoga is balance. As mental stability and clarity are revealed through the effort of trying the poses, balancing postures were developed to encourage both mental and physical balance. Even though child has trouble standing on one foot, if she can maintain her composure both when she falls and when she gets back up to try again, she will develop both mental and physical balance. Children will feel a sense of success as they learn to improve their physical balance.

Yoga encourages children manage anxiety

Yoga can be used to teach children stress-relieving breathing techniques and relaxation techniques. Instilling in children good coping mechanisms for stress is an essential life skill that will help them now and in the future.

Yoga instructs discipline and lessens impulsivity

Yoga invariably teaches discipline to the kids and reduces impulsivity. By giving kids a physical outlet to express themselves, yoga helps lower disruptive behavior in the classroom. As they practise focusing their brains and refining their postures, it also teaches kids discipline.

Yoga boosts children's focus and memory

One of the major advantages of kids' yoga is that the various postures force children to concentrate and practise memory, which can both improve their academic achievement.

Yoga cultivates children’s strength and flexibility

Children who practise yoga benefit from stronger, more flexible bodies, which can reduce the likelihood of injuries. Having known about innumerable benefits of yoga for children, together let's inculcate yoga as a daily routine to the children and lets up bring them in the best way possible. At Bodhi School of Yoga, we conduct fun filled kids yoga sessions which improves child’s over all well being.

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