A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Though there is a separate science to learn and understand the brain and comfort the mind, there are no permanent solutions to a disturbed state of mind. You will be surprised to understand that all these measures suggested by modern science only suppress the discomfort until the effect of the medicine remains. However, meditation can give you curative and preventive results. Have you fallen prey to the Modern and Sedentary lifestyle? Only Meditation can keep you healthy in numerous ways!

If you have any of the below 17 signs, it's high time you commit yourself to meditation.

  1. You feel exhausted and tired without physical activity.
  2. You are easily affected by colds and fever.
  3. You constantly have body pains.
  4. You struggle to manage time.
  5. You are not always in the good mood
  6. You cry for no reason.
  7. You plan and fantasize too much but lose interest in implementing it.
  8. You stress yourself over making simple decisions.
  9. You're easily distracted.
  10. You feel depressed very often.
  11. You are wondering if you are the topic of discussion every time.
  12. You know what needs to be done, but you do not take the steps required.
  13. You are suffering from high blood pressure.
  14. You are suffering from insomnia or sleeplessness.
  15. You feel lonely. But you also do not want many people around you.
  16. You suffer from PMS.
  17. Your sex life needs a boost.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an exercise so that you can clear the unwanted clutter and dirt out of your head. It's a detoxification process for the mind. If you want your mind to guide you properly in every moment, Meditation is the only exercise you will require to practice.

7 Prerequisites for Meditation

  1. Comfortable Clothes
  2. Convenient Time
  3. Convenient Place
  4. Convenient posture
  5. Moderately filled stomach
  6. A good warm-up routine
  7. Practice Breathwork or Pranayama

7 guidelines to begin Meditation

  1. Be in a pleasant mood with a smiling face
  2. Practice pranayama for at least 5-7 mins before meditation.
  3. Start with a guided meditation
  4. Be present at the moment
  5. Observe your thoughts that come and go in your mind.
  6. Forget all your roles and responsibilities. Surrender yourself to the mat.
  7. Practice for a minimum duration of 20-30mins consistently.

4 most effective methods of Meditation for Beginners

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is the easiest way to get into a meditative state. All you have to do is follow the instructions of the instructor. Guided meditation can be short or long, depending on the person who is instructing. The sole purpose of this meditation is to help you concentrate and focus in the present state of mind.

Chanting Meditation

In chanting meditation, you keep repeating a spiritual word or a phrase for you to focus better. Chanting is one of the best tools to help you bring focus to the present moment and assist you in maintaining concentration.

Meditation with a partner

If you want to practice your meditation for a prolonged time without breaking the routine, having a partner for meditation is the best option. Many of us just lose interest in meditation due to a lack of motivation. Choosing a partner for meditating can really test your willpower to be present.

Community Meditation

When a group of people meditates together, there is an aura created. There is complete synergy in practice. Everyone has the same goal and is sincerely involved in the practice. Also, Group Meditation can help you develop spiritually. In a group, it is easier to receive feedback for improvement.

Meditation is a mental exercise that everyone must practice to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. There are various techniques of meditation ranging from basic to advanced levels. Each meditation has its benefits. Only after consistent practice can you choose which style suits you better and does maximum benefit to you. Though it would take a certain period to analyze, practicing each form in itself will create a tremendously progressive effect on the quality of your life, your mental health, your choices, your relationships, and achieving your professional goals. Meditation is not a choice, but it's the only option because some answers can be found only by the better version of you.