300 Hour
Yoga Teacher Training

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Turn your passion into a rewarding profession with 13 weeks of International Yoga Teacher Training.

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19 June 2023


Weekday :   10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training - Bodhi School of Yoga
Course Duration
03 Months
Course Fee
International Yoga Day Offer

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Details

The online 300 Hour YTT improves a trainer's comprehension of core yoga principles and teachings that are covered in the RYT200 TTC worldwide yoga certification programme. Our yoga teacher training module equips students with more sophisticated and yoga techniques in line with current trends, allowing them to instruct their students with confidence in the future. After completing this advanced course, you will be certified as a *RYT300 international yoga trainer and will be able to launch a successful career. 

*RYT 300 online yoga teacher training course deepens your spiritual journey. This 300 Hour TTC offered by Bodhi School of Yoga is accredited and recognised by Yoga Alliance.

(*RYT-Registered Yoga Teacher)

How will this Yoga Teacher Training transform you?

  • In-depth knowledge of history, origin and philosophy of Yoga
  • Learn the spiritual aspects of Yoga with deeper understanding
  • Advanced Yoga certificate of RYT 300 at affordable price
  • Complete detoxification of the body
  • Healing through meditation and advanced relaxation techniques.
  • Self-Confidence to conduct Yoga workshops on a large scale
  • Toned body with increased core strength and stamina.
  • Increased flexibility and stability
  • Guaranteed weight loss and inch loss
300 Hour Yoga TTC

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Upcoming Batches of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Date Days Time Location
19 June 2023 Mon-Fri 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Zoom Online sessions

Course Curriculum of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Streams of Yoga
  • Raja Yoga
  • Karma Yoga 
  • Bhakti Yoga 
  • Jnana Yoga
Introduction to Vedas and Upanishads
  • Rig Veda
  • Sama Veda
  • Yajurveda
  • Atharva Veda

Eligibility to join 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  • RYT200 TTC completion from Bodhi or any other institute
  • Age group: 18-55years
  • Enthusiastic housewives,fitness trainers, dance instructors, etc
  • Anybody passionate to become a professional yoga instructor
  • Anybody who wants to be self-employed
  • Anybody who wants to become financially independent
  • Anybody who is striving to stay in shape
  • Anybody who is ardent to serve the society


  • Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures
  • ​​A nice notebook to take notes
  • A Yoga Mat to pratice on
  • A desire to complete this training program

Certification of 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Becoming a Yoga Trainer entails dedicating oneself to the Yoga practise. It's all about putting Yoga's philosophy and expertise into practise on a daily basis. The goal is to become a powerful individual who, by their presence, emanates the Yoga philosophy. It is a road of bravery, devotion, and physical and mental self-discipline.

The goal of the Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course is to instil in pupils the spirit of a Yogi. This programme is suitable for active yoga practitioners, and upon completion, participants will get an international yoga teacher certification for RYT300


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