Yoga with Blocks Workshop

Yoga with Blocks

The purpose of Yoga blocks and props is to make a yoga session comfortable for people of different age groups.They are basically designed for therapeutic yoga like people having some physical challenge(Eg : Back pain,knee pain,less flexibility,heart issue those who can't bend forward/backward,pregnant women,senior citizen,obese people  etc.).Over the period of time,these blocks become part & parcel of yoga session as they made Asanas become easier for those who have never practiced yoga before.And also for advanced practitioners,helped them to attempt many advanced lposes easily or to make some of the easy poses more intense. Date Time Mode 18 December 2022 07:30 AM - 09:00 AM Zoom Online Session Register for Yoga with Blocks Workshop What you'll learn  Those who can't attempt the final pose,blocks will help Make advanced Asanas simple Can do variation of simple Asanas by making it more challenging for advanced practitioner People having any health issues like - back pain,heart patient,knee pain etc. can make them do some easy modification Who can join Those who are very new to yoga Senior citizen People having mild back pain(if it is not severe),mild knee pain,bp(if it is slightly higher than the normal range) If you are a yoga teacher who wants to conduct similar workshops Things to keep handy Yoga Mat Yoga Blocks Yoga Strap/towel/dupatta Pillow/cushions One pen & note book A water bottle Completed the workshop? What Next?..Looking to learn more on Yoga path? Self practise. Join our Regular yoga sessions. (OR) Become an International Certified Yoga trainer (OR) Learn more about our Certification Courses.   Know More about Yoga Teacher Training WhatsApp +91 9133281555 Call Us +91 9870347348 Mail Us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.