Let's Fix it - Fasting

This is a workshop on understanding right ways of fasting.  Most of the religion in world has fasting as integral part of their culture,over the period of time people have altered the principles of the same and now it has taken numerous different forms. Fasting is an excellent detox procedure which impacts overall body, mind and soul. But if it is done in disordered way, our body is definitely gonna pay the toll. Join the workshop "Let's fix it" series to know more about proper way of fasting.

Date Time Mode
16 & 17 February 2023 2 - 3 PM (or) 7-8 PM Zoom Online Session

What you'll learn 

  • What is fasting?
  • Different types of fasting.
  • Do we really need to do fasting?
  • Ancient principles of fasting
  • Significance of fasting in our lives.
  • How fasting can affect physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • What to be followed during Fasting?
  • Do's and dont's
  • Q & A

Who can join

  • This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge on fasting.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand right methods of fasting.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to focus on calming their mind and body.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to increase their energy levels both physically and mentally.

Things to keep handy

  • Zoom application
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Water Bottle
  • Book and pen

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