Know Your Biryani

Explore the impact of Biryani on health and wellness. Understand the nutritional benefits and potential drawbacks of consuming Biryani regularly. Learn about portion control, balance, and mindful eating to incorporate Biryani into a balanced diet without compromising overall health and well-being.

Date Time Mode
4 August 2023 6 PM to 7 PM Zoom Online Session

What you'll learn 

  • Effect of Biryani on Health and Wellness
  • Avoiding Unsolicited Substances
  • Regional Variations
  • Ingredients and Preparation
  • History and Origins of Biryani

Who can join

  • This workshop is ideal for anyone who loves biryani.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand right methods of preparing biryani.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to focus on mindful biryani eating.
  • This workshop is for anyone who wants to educate their friends and family on biryani habits.

Things to keep handy

  • Zoom application
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Water Bottle
  • Book and pen

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