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Wheel Pose, Chakrasana

Wheel Pose

  • Chakrasana

Chakrasana (Wheel Pose) brings your body to a curved shape to resemble a wheel. This pose falls under the intermediate level of yoga poses as well as the supine poses. It's one of the Back Bend Asanas. The Wheel Pose relaxes the overall energy of the body and increases self-confidence. When your entire body stays in Chakrasana, your mind begins emphasizing optimism. A major factor is having complete trust in your yoga teacher to perform this pose. This pose requires a lot of strength in the arms, shoulders, chest, lower back, legs, feet, and neck bringing the weight of the body equally to the feet and hands takes practice. The beauty of Chakrasana is that it works on all the chakras at supreme level and helps you advance in your spiritual practice too.

Steps to do Wheel Pose / Chakrasana

  • Lie down on the back.
  • Fold the legs, heels are close to the buttocks.
  • Place the palms under the shoulders turning downwards. Fingers pointing towards the feet.
  • Inhale, lift the waist up.
  • Lift the chest and head with the strength of hands.
  • Keep breathing in and out while holding the pose.
  • Slowly exhale, bend the elbows and gently drop the shoulders, middle back, lower back and buttocks one by one on the mat.

Tips for beginners

  • For beginners, making the body flexible has to be the priority before  attempting the wheel pose.
  • Beginner level back bends like Bhujangasana, Setu bandhasana(Bridge Pose), Dhanurasana(Bow Pose) and Ustrasana can help you gain the flexibility of spine. 
  • Before attempting the chakrasana directly, try to use props like blocks and wheels. You can also take wall support for attempting the pose.


  • Strengthens the legs, arms, wrists, abdomen, buttocks, spine, shoulder blades, lungs and chest.
  • Beneficial to the nerves, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and glandular systems.
  • Relieves various gynaecological disorders.
  • Cures infertility, asthma, osteoporosis, relieves stress.

Watch out for

  • Avoid in case of slip disc, wrist injury, vertigo, high blood pressure or neck injury.
  • Avoid in case of carpel tunnel syndrome, back problems, shoulder injuries, headache, pregnancy or any illness.


  • Chakrasana has many variations to intensify the back bends. These intense variations include Eka Pada Chakrasana
  • Chakrasana with legs stretched.
  • Chakrasana on the hammock.
  • Chakrasana with blocks in between the legs.