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Hand Stand-Adhomukha Vrikshasana

Hand Stand

  • Adhomukha Vrikshasana

Adhomukha Vrikshasana (Hand Stand) is an advanced level asana. One of yoga's most difficult balancing poses is Adhomukha Vrikshasana. This asana's root words are 'adho' which means downward, 'Mukha', which means facing and 'Vriksasana' which means tree pose in Sanskrit. Because it is an inversion of the tree pose, it has that name. Adho mukha vriksasana strengthens the spine, shoulders, hands, wrists, and bones while enhancing balance, circulation, digestion, and heart health.

Steps to do Hand Stand / Adhomukha Vrikshasana

  • Come to Adhomukhaswanasan.
  • With the palms one foot away from the wall, Walk one step forward lift one leg up (Ekapada adomukhaswanasan) kick (push) the floor with the other leg. Such that both the legs reach the wall.
  • Look at the mat. Keep your shoulders, thighs and stomach tucked in.
  • Keep breathing in and out while holding the pose.
  • Now slowly bend the legs towards the chest, gently drop and land on toes.
  • Rest in the child pose.

Tips for beginners

  • For stability, balancing poses should be performed close to a wall or other support. Again, a yoga instructor is the best form of security.
  • Keep a cushion or blanket nearby to provide comfortable head support.
  • Lift each of your legs off the ground one at a time . Likewise, descend with one leg at a time.
  • At first, hold the pose for just a few seconds. Then, gradually increase the duration of the pose while maintaining your comfort level.


  • Strengthens your upper body, shoulders, arms and wrists.
  • Relieves Stress, improves sense of balance and Increases Focus.
  • Improves blood flow to the eyes, head and scalp.

Watch out for

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome, B.P, heart disease, Cerebral Thrombosis, back/shoulder/neck injury, headache should avoid this pose.
  • Avoid practicing during menstruation, pregnancy, eye problems, impure blood and inflammation in the ears.