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Wide Legged Forward Bend A- Prasaritta Padottanasana A

Wide Legged Forward Bend A

  • Prasaritta Padottanasana A

Prasaritta Padottanasana A(Wide Legged Forward Bend A) is an intermediate level forward bend. This asana has a wide range of spiritual advantages. It stimulates the muladhara, svadhisthana, and manipura chakras. It is beneficial to open these chakras in order to increase stability, productivity, and self-acceptance. Although learning this pose takes a lot of effort and flexibility, it eventually develops into a resting pose. It is considered as a  pre-headstand asana and is also used in place of Sirsasana(Headstand). This pose has a calming effect on the body and mind while also cooling the brain.

Steps to do Wide Legged Forward Bend A /  Prasaritta Padottanasana A

  • Stand on the side of the mat in Tadasana. Now take a wide gap between the feet by stretching the legs.
  • Make sure your toes are pointing forward and heels backward. Inhale, stretch the hands over the head, exhale bending forward from the lower back and place the palms on the mat between feet making 3 equal distances.
  • Try bending the elbows to place the crown of the head to the mat.
  • Keep breathing while holding the pose. Don’t strain the neck.
  • Inhale, slowly come up to the center. Exhale & relax the hands, bring the legs together.

Tips for beginners

  • Make an effort to create balance with your feet on the mat.   
  • To relieve your spine from stiffness, distribute your weight evenly among the toes and heels of your feet.
  • Instead of focusing on how far you bend, open your chest and broaden your shoulders well. 
  • Work on your hamstrings to achieve this asana. Surya Namaskara(Sun Salutation) works best for preparing your body. Additionally practice all variations of Prasaritta Padottanasana.  


  • This pose stretches the backs of the legs – Hamstrings, calves, glutes and lower back.
  • It helps to open up the hips.
  • Stretches the shoulders, chest and spine.
  • Also relaxes the body and calms the mind.
  • Very good for lower abdomen.

Watch out for

  • Avoid practicing this pose if you have injury in legs, neck, arms and shoulders.
  • If you have lower back problems then don’t perform complete forward bend, bend only according to your flexibility, capacity and comfort level.
  • High or Low BP patients avoid this pose.


  • Prasaritta Padottanasana A, B, C and D are all variations of Prasaritta Padottanasana.
  • Prasaritta Paddottanasana using wall support also can be another variation.