Raised Arms Pose

  • Hastha Uttanasana

Hastha Uttanasana (Raised Arms Pose) is a beginner level asana that is also an asana in Surya Namaskara(Sun Salutations). All the abdominal organs are stretched in this position, which also helps digestion. It opens the lungs, strengthens the spinal nerves, works the arm and shoulder muscles, and helps you lose weight. Hasta in Sanskrit means "hands", and uttana is "turning upwards." The spine is gently curved while the gaze is directed upwards toward the raised hands when performing this pose. This encourages the heart and ribs to open up toward the ceiling, allowing for deep breaths that improve oxygen flow.

Steps to do Raised Arms Pose / Hastha Uttanasana

  • Stand in Tadasana, hands by the sides.
  • Stand tall, feet together, all the toes pressed against the floor properly.
  • Inhale and raise both the hands up. Join the hands softly.
  • Tilt your upper body back to gaze at the thumbs.
  • Do not strain the neck and back as you tilt up.

Tips for beginners

  • Since Hasta Uttanasana is an intense hand stretch, ensure that you warm up well before attempting the asana. 
  • Hold the asana for 1-2 seconds and slowly advance the practice.


  • Improves digestion, stretches and tones the muscles of the abdomen.
  • Expands the chest and rib cage resulting in full intake of oxygen.

Watch out for

  • Avoid pain in hip joints and ankles.
  • Avoid in case of sciatica, abdominal hernia or spinal injury.


  • Raised Arms Pose is an intense stretch by itself. 
  • You can transit from Hasta Uttanasana further backward to Chakrasana once you advance your practice.