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Side Plank / Vashistasana

Side Plank

  • Vashistasana

Vashistasana (Side Plank) is one of the yoga asanas that falls in the intermediate category. This is also one of the asanas in the series of Plank poses. Vashistasana can be a challenging pose for beginners. This asana stimulates the nervous system and also the abdominal muscles. Side plank helps in strengthening the legs and core. It is said that Sage Vasistha helped Sri Ram, get clarity in thoughts in times of confusion.The side plank pose is named after this learned Sage, Vashistha

Steps to do Side Plank / Vashistasana

  • Come to plank, twist to the left side.
  • Stretch the right hand up.
  • Place the right foot on the left.
  • Make sure your body is in one straight line.
  • Keep breathing while holding the pose.
  • Relax, repeat on the other side.

Tips for beginners

  • It is important to position your supporting hand slightly in front of your shoulder, rather than directly beneath its shoulder.
  • Wear wrist bands to avoid injury as a beginner. 
  • Parighasana, Adhomukhaswanasana and Phalaksana(Plank Pose) are preparatory poses.


  • Tones the entire upper body and strengthens the back muscles, especially the lumbar area.
  • It develops a sense of balance.
  • Strengthens the arms, wrists, legs and abdominal wall.

Watch out for

  • People with wrist, elbow or shoulder injuries should not practice this pose.
  • People with vertigo or weak limbs, heart ailments, hernia or high BP should avoid this pose.



  • Vashishtasana B is an intense variation. 
  • Vashishtasana C is an advanced variation.