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Pranayama for thyroid

Alleviate thyroid with Pranayama

Thyroid disorder is commonest, amongst the most typical diseases globally. It has been conjectured that approximately 42 million people in India suffer from thyroid. The threat for adult females is about ten times greater than for men.

Yoga for Covid-19

Shell shocked of corona : Seek yoga for sheer sereneness

Coronavirus has wreaked havoc in our country. With the upsurge of covid 19 pandemic, humankind is confined to their house and getting indolent. At this time, it has turned very crucial for every person to upraise their immunity and fight the battle against coronavirus.

Pranayama for Hair Loss

Melancholy of hair loss: Pranayama is the antidote

 Are you devastated by hair loss?

Do you want your lost hair back?

Thrive through Menstrual Pain

Thrive through Menstrual Pain

The process of menstruation is an intricate one. It is one of the most critical parts of a woman's life. Nature has bestowed upon her a huge responsibility, thus making her even more powerful. However, a woman has to deal with various aches and pains while going through menstruation.