Exhale your Extra Weight

Exhale your Extra Weight

We cannot deny that looks make the first impression, and everyone wants to look good, have a flat tummy, and fit into their favorite clothes. This is why more and more people are grabbing weight loss offers.

There are numerous fitness regimes promising weight loss. However, the results are not as attractive as the offer. Let's look into an option that will give you the best returns to lose weight and help you not gain weight further.

Pranayama: The secret to weight loss

Pranayama is breathing exercises practiced for clearing the blocked energy channels. Pranayama plays a significant role in the loss of weight. It is perhaps one of the most accessible forms of exercise to aid weight loss.

By practicing deep and continuous breathing, the supply of oxygen increases to all the parts of our body. This results in active metabolism and a decrease in BMI. Active metabolism means burning more calories which supports weight loss. The best part of choosing Pranayama for weight loss is that it suits people of all ages, people with any stamina level, and people who do not prefer fitness sessions.

The benefits of Pranayama can be experienced only by lifestyle modification. Hatha Yoga text Gheranda Samhita mentions:

“Mitahram vina yastu yogarambham tu karyet

Nanarogo bhavetasya kinchidhyogo na sidhyati"

(Gheranda Samhita-5/16)

Without observing moderation of diet, he cannot benefit but gets various diseases if one takes to the Yoga practices.

To enjoy the benefits of yogic practices, one should follow proper food choices. A yogic diet is an essential prerequisite before one begins practicing Pranayama.

Sri Swami Sivananda says that just as a goldsmith removes impurities of gold by heating it in the hot furnace by strongly blowing the blow-pipe, a Yogic student eliminates the body's impurities by blowing his lungs which is Pranayama.

3 Best Pranayamas for Weight loss?

You can choose any technique of Pranayama for weight loss as Pranayama aims at detoxifying the body. However, several kinds of research suggest 3 types of Pranayama prominently for weight loss.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Also called "Breath of Fire" The word Kapal means skull, and Bhati means shining. This method of Pranayama involves forceful breathing. Through Regular practice, impurities are pushed out from the blood, tissues, and cells absorb oxygen in large quantities. The circulatory and respiratory systems are considerably toned.

  • Sit comfortably with spine erect and eyes closed.
  • Palms on thighs and open to the sky.
  • Inhale, take a deep breath.
  • As you exhale, contract your stomach and pull the navel towards the spine.
  • Keep pulling your abdomen dynamically until you feel stressed.

Start by trying to keep one exhalation per second. Practice 10 exhalations in the beginning and gradually increase the speed up to 120 exhalations per round.

Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika means bellows. In this Pranayama, the air is pulled and pushed forcefully and quickly. It instantly energizes the body and flushes out toxins. Bhastrika Pranayama improves your appetite.

  • Sit in Vajrasana or any other comfortable position.
  • With a loose fist in both hands, fold your elbows and place the fists in front of your shoulder.
  • Inhale and raise both hands.
  • As you exhale, breathe out forcefully, bringing your hands down.

To begin with, you can practice 15 exhalations per round and 2 rounds every day, gradually increasing it to 3 rounds twice a day.

Nadi Shodhna Pranayama

This is also well known as alternate nostril breathing. This Pranayama purifies the channel of the subtle and physical body. Regular practice of this Pranayama improves respiratory health and prepares your body for advanced Pranayama. It calms your mind and reduces anxiety.

  • Sit comfortably with a straight spine.
  • Place your left hand over your knee, either freely or in some mudra.
  • Close right nostril by thumb breathes in from your left nostril.
  • Close left nostril with your ring finger, then breathe out through your right nostril.
  • Continue by breathing in through your right nostril and then breathe out from the left nostril. This completes one round.

For a beginner, this Pranayama is easy to follow and also very effective. One can practice Nadi Shodhana from 5 mins to 40 or 45 mins for weight loss.

A combination of all the three Pranayamas along with Yogic diet will work wonders on your body for weight loss. In the age of unstoppable offers and uncertain products of weight loss, this is cheapest and easiest remedy that can be practised.

Are you on your weight loss journey ? Watch this quick yoga flow to speed up your transformation in a much healthier way. This powerful yoga flow is a must try for working women. Daily practice will become a habit and eventually a lifestyle. Combine Pranayama with this yoga flow for an overall well being.