Beginners guide to surya namaskara

Beginners Guide to Surya Namaskara

A comprehensive physical practice known as Surya Namaskara is thought to have been created and popularised by the late Shrimant Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi, the King of Aundh, in the 1920s and later by Sri K V Iyer and Sri Krishnamacharya.

Sun Salutation, also known as Surya Namaskara, was initially created as a method to express gratitude for both the sun and the spiritual light that is within each of us. On June 21st, the Summer Solstice, the sun travels the farthest with the most daylight hours. Yogis therefore think that, performing Sun Salutation on this specific day has great effects. Additionally, this day is observed as World Yoga Day.

What is Surya Namaskara?

The words Surya, which means "Sun," and Namaskara, which means "greeting" or "salute," are derived from Sanskrit. The sun god of Hindu mythology is named Surya. The Sun is therefore revealed to be the soul and origin of all life. The Surya Namaskar practice consists of twelve distinct physical gestures. In order to fully flex and stretch the spinal column and limbs, these movements alternate between backward and forward bending asanas.

Traditional Surya Namaskara Practice

Basic tips for practising Surya Namaskara

Sun salutation should be preferably practiced facing east direction, when we are practicing in the morning. If you are practicing in the evening, it should be rather practiced facing west direction. Conscious and effortless breathing is the key which should be practiced while practicing suryanamaskara. Always ensure that, breathing should not be forceful and breath with complete awareness. Attempt to maintain synchronized breathing with every bodily movement of surya namaskara practice.

Sun salutation can also be practised as warm up before practicing the asana sequence or sun salutation alone can be regarded as a complete body workout.A few Sun Salutation rounds could give you a full-body workout in just 10–15 minutes. For everyday practise, six sets or twelve rounds of the Sun Salutations are adequate.

Surya Namaskar Tips

Benefits of Surya Namasakara

Surya Namaskara and weight loss:

Surya Namaskara, which consists of 12 different namaskara’s, can burn up to 14 calories in one set. Practicing surya namaskara itself is an excellent remedy to lose weight. You can incorporate this simple exercise into your regular life and increase the number of sets based on your stamina and availability.

Surya Namaskara and women health:

Surya namaskara activates the thyroid gland and allows it to secrete more hormones. Surya Namaskar practise on a daily basis also aids in childbirth and helps women control erratic menstruation cycles. Additionally, it promotes skin radiance and wrinkle prevention.

Surya Namaskara and Hair care:

Surya Namaskar enhances blood flow to the scalp, which stops hair loss. Increased blood flow feeds the scalp and promotes strong hair growth. Consistent practice of suryanamaskara stops hair from going grey.

Surya Namaskara and child development:

In the modern world having humongous competition, children are often exposed to stress at very early age. Regular and consistent practice of surya namskara will improve their concentration levels, flexibility, muscle growth and liveliness in the child.

Surya Namaskara and skin glow:

Surya Namaskar enhances blood circulation throughout the body, which helps to maintain youthful skin. It gives you more vigour and energy, which makes your face and skin glow. Consistent surya namaskara practice  maintains the firmness of the skin.

Surya Namaskara and Detoxification:

In the religious surya namaskara practice, there exists active breathing and exhalation process and the lungs are fully ventilated by which blood is oxygenated. By eliminating carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, this helps the body detoxify.

Surya Namaskara and miscellaneous benefits:

Apart from the wonderful benefits listed above, regular practice of suryanamaskara also solves blood pressure issues, maintains heart health, strengthens muscles and joints, improves proper functioning of all the systems of the body and much healthier benefits.

If you are a person who is looking to reap complete benefits of the yoga practice, come join our regular yoga online or offline sessions and make yoga part of your life. Never postpone to tomorrow, what you can do today. Good health is the real wealth. Together lets maintain our health by regular yoga practice.

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