Diet and Nutrition Sessions

Diet and Nutrition Sessions

Surprise Gift from Bodhi School of Yoga!!!!

Have you already enrolled for Diet and Nutrition Certification programme, but unable to attend the sessions on a regular basis due to personal constraints. Bodhi School Of Yoga Is here, to help you all out to master the subject. This Batch of Students are extremely interested to excel and gain the knowledge in the subject. So, We are here, to provide you the access for the recorded version of the sessions. Request You all wonderful students to listen diligently to the sessions and take notes of each and every class and gain expertise in the subject. Bodhi School of Yoga is awaiting to see you all fluorish as certified nutritionists.

Day 1 (Part 1) : Introduction to Nutrition

Day 2 (Part 2) : Introduction to Nutrition

Day 3 : Carbohydrates

Day 4 : Fats and Proteins

Day 5 : Fat Soluble Vitamins

Day 6 : Water Soluble Vitamins

Day 7: Macro Minerals (Part 2)

Day 8: Micro Minerals

Day 9: Water, Electrolytes and Acid Base Balance

Day 10: Intro to Human Physiology and Digestive System

Day 11: Endocrine and Renal System

Day 12: Nervous and Respiratory System

Day 13: Reproductive and Cardiovascular System

Day 14: Age Groups (1-6 & 6-12 years)

Day 15: Nutrition and food requirements for Adolescents

Day 16:Nutrition and food requirements for Expectant Mothers

Day 17:Diet in Weight Management

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