MAT Pilates Instructor Certification (Online)

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You can achieve the work-life balance that may currently be lacking in your yoga career with the help of our MAT Pilates Instructor course. Being a Pilates instructor can be one of the best career decisions you've ever made, so make the investment in yourself. This online MAT Pilates instructor course accredited by Bodhi School of Yoga can be used to become an internationally certified MAT Pilates instructor. Our highly qualified MAT Pilates experts have crafted this one month powerful MAT Pilates instructor course, in which you can achieve abundant physical and mental strength. 

The MAT Pilates instructor course focuses on various asanas, Pilates sequences, principles of Pilates, Pilates anatomy, spine anatomy, body alignment, injuries encountered during Pilates, optimal breathing strategies, etc. We at Bodhi School of Yoga always offer interactive, fun filled, and creative Pilates programs. By the end of this one-month certification program, you will be a certified MAT Pilates Instructor who can start your promising career with utmost confidence.

How will Mat Pilates Instructor Course help me as a Yoga Trainer?

  • Comprehensive instruction in the Pilates history, neutral position, thoracic breathing, and foundations.
  • Focus on fundamental ideas and the relationship between breathing and core stability.
  • Develop your ability to confidently identify incorrect postures and offer corrections.
  • Gain leadership skills by learning to design intriguing sequences that incorporate yoga asanas.
  • Increase your knowledge to create a clientele and develop marketing concepts
  • Have access to a global network of MAT Pilates yoga instructors who are all passionate.
  • Explore and advance your yoga career with professionalism and intellectual ability, 
MAT Pilates Instructor Certification

Course Syllabus

  • What is Pilates?
  • What is Yoga?
  • What’s the difference between yoga and pilates?
  • Yoga Pilates (Yogilates): an integrated system
  • The History of Pilates
  • Benefits of Pilates
  • Types of Pilates
  • Pilates & Osteopathy
  • Six principles of Pilates
The Functional Core (Core Strength)
  • Essential awareness on breathing exercises
  • Optimal Breathing Strategies
  • Additional benefits of developing optimal respiratory patterns
  • Pilates Anatomy
  • Spine Anatomy
  • Body Alignment
  • Pilates for Injuries and Ailments


  • RYT200 completion from Bodhi or any other institute
  • Age group: 18-45 years
  • Enthusiastic housewives, fitness trainers, dance instructors, etc
  • Anybody passionate to become a professional Pilates trainer
  • Anybody who wants to be self-employed
  • Anybody who is striving to stay in shape


  • Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures
  • ​​A nice notebook to take notes
  • A Yoga Mat to pratice on
  • A desire to complete this training program

Course Certification

The Bodhi School of Yoga has accredited this online MAT PILATES curriculum, which can be utilised to become a certified MAT PILATES trainer.Our curriculum covers a variety of asanas, pilates sequences, principles of pilates, pilates anatomy, spine anatomy, body alignment, injuries sustained during pilates, optimal breathing methods, and other subjects. The course instils in students the mindset of a personal trainer. This curriculum is designed for active yoga practitioners, and participants will get an MAT Pilates certification upon completion.



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