Face Yoga Teacher Training

Course Duration
02 Weeks
Course Fee
Festive Offer

Course Details

This 10 Day Face Yoga Teacher Training course will provide you with a collection of Facial Exercises that target every major muscle group in the face. Through this course, the Bodhi School of Yoga offers a series of exercises that, when combined, will naturally enhance your face. Taking this face yoga teacher training course will help you to learn the techniques to lift, tone and sculpt facial muscles and also makes you financially independent as you can take personal face yoga sessions or conduct group workshops on face yoga.

How will Face Yoga TTC benefit me as a Yoga Trainer?

Face Yoga uses massage and movements that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. This method is intended to soften and relax your facial muscles in order to relieve tension, stress, and concern. Face yoga is a natural, alternative technique that may produce long-term effects. Face Yoga targets your face, neck, and shoulders with a range of massage and exercises. Holistic health and self-care are essential for glowing skin since taking care of oneself on the inside will reflect on the outside. Face yoga, also known as face exercise, is a trendy fad among those seeking noninvasive ways to enhance their beauty and fitness.

  • Comprehensive guidance in the Face Yoga routine that is best for you.
  • Learn Face Yoga poses in a simple, realistic, and understandable manner.
  • Develop leadership to revitalize each facial region, including the forehead, eyes, middle, lips, chin, and jaw area.
  • Increase your knowledge of facial massage, the secrets of beauty, and natural beauty tips and tricks.
  • Conduct face yoga workshops to increase your brand value.
  • Gain access to a worldwide community of passionate face yoga instructors.
  • Develop your yoga career with efficiency and mental clarity.
Face Yoga TTC

Course Syllabus

  • Face Anatomy and Physiology
  • Face Yoga Exercises
  • Nutritional and health advice
  • Extensive teaching expertise in the Face Yoga business
  • Natural face packs for healthy and glowing skin
  • Acupressure Points for Face  
  • Exercises in Mindfulness and Breathing
  • Mudras and Face Yoga
  • Skin and body detox
  • Face Yoga Routine Sequencing


  • Anyone who is interested to learn & teach
  • Should be assciated with Fitness Industry
  • Enthusiastic housewives, doctors, teachers, physiotherapists, etc
  • Anybody passionate to become a Face Yoga Expert
  • Anybody who wants to elevate the Yoga Career
  • Anybody who want to conduct quality yoga workshops
  • Anybody enthusiastic to serve the society


  • Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures
  • ​​A nice notebook to take notes
  • A desire to complete this training program

Course Certification

So you are ready to become a Face Yoga Expert? Face Yoga Teacher Training- The all-natural alternative to anti-aging treatments is face yoga. You can help your customers seem younger and more radiant by teaching them a set of facial exercises that will tone the muscles under their skin and improve facial circulation. 

The Face Yoga Teacher Training Course equips you with the knowledge you need to comprehend your face health and workouts you can perform at home or coach  others in order to enhance overall well-being at mental, emotional, and physical level. You can gain amazing returns on your investment for this high value certification. Your fitness profession will be elevated to an anti-aging occupation after completing this two-week face yoga teacher training course.


Upcoming Batches

Date Days Time Location
13 April 2023 Weekday(Mon - Fri) 06:00 AM - 07:30 AM Zoom Online sessions
1 May 2023 Weekday(Mon - Fri) 06:00 AM - 07:30 AM Zoom Online sessions
10 June 2023 Weekend(Sat - Sun) 06:00 AM - 07:30 AM Zoom Online sessions
12 June 2023 Weekday(Mon - Fri) 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM Zoom Online sessions

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