Life Hack for becoming successful

Life Hack for becoming successful

How many of them have the courage to design the life they want? Each of us begins a task with a lot of enthusiasm and passion. Most of us eventually lose interest and faith in our choice, becoming merely another speck in the vastness of space.

Why Does it happen?

It's because we put boundaries in place and don't believe in our capacity. So, we don't work particularly hard. We allow the negative emotions to dominate our positive selves and begin blaming other people, events, and, even worse, the almighty creator for keeping us from achievement.

Never believe a prediction that does not empower you.

-Sean Stephenson

The real struggle

Born in October 1869, there was a boy who was very shy and quiet, had very low self esteem and never liked to face the public. He had zero social skills. His actions were backed by fear that everyone would make fun of him. He was not good in English, his maths was horrible, poor in geography and never liked sports. He even had a really bitter experience at public speaking and that damaged his confidence even more.At the age of 22, this youngster earned his legal degree from London. He was a lawyer when he arrived in India. He was afraid of speaking in front of groups of people.

He actually choked during his first case in India, had a panic attack, and made a fool of himself. He saw himself as a complete failure. He eventually had the chance to travel to South Africa for a case. He had no motivation, but he just went for it. His life transformed during this time in South Africa. He practiced law for 21 years in South Africa before giving up the legal profession, moving back to India, and dedicating the rest of his life to public service. Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary independence fighter, was this boy.

A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks he becomes.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Take the plunge now

Inspire yourself everyday. Believe in your inner potential and start your journey now. When you are working towards your objective, there will be a number of obstacles. Take inspiration from many facets of your life. Observe how the milkman makes sure you get your milk every day, how your maid shows up and completes the same tasks for you and your family every day, how the city's garbage is picked up by the cleaners every day, and how the water, electricity, and wifi function normally every day and follow your instructions.

When all these can follow a discipline and reach their destination every single day, you can also achieve your goal. You only have to make a small change in your mindset today. Keep moving and silence your mind. Let your success make noise.

Life is full of infinite possibilities and endless opportunities, you need the right mindset to identify both.

-Ashok Vankineni