Prana Yoga Teacher Training

MAT Pilates Instructor Certification
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2 Weeks
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Pranayama Teacher Training Course at Bodhi School Of Yoga is specifically designed to equip you with skills for teaching breathing patterns, exercises and techniques to your students. You can enhance their quality of life, help the students feel calm and peaceful and help the students to manage ailments. Pranayama is frequently mentioned in Hatha Yoga literature as a way to obtain control over our energy and hence our thoughts. This is a vital link between the breath, prana, and mind. Because they are all interrelated, whatever you do with your breath affects your mind, and what you do with your mind affects your breath. Become a Pranayama expert and elevate your professional standard as a yoga teacher.

How will Prana Yoga TTC benefit me as a Yoga Trainer?

  • In-depth learning on physiology of breathing

  • Learn the connection between breath and mind

  • Conduct your own workshops on various aspects of pranayama

  • Help you students to keep an ailment free body with pranayama
MAT Pilates Instructor Certification

Course Syllabus

Week 1
  • What is Prana?
  • Pancha Pranas
  • Union of prana and apana
  • Upa-Pranas
  • Prana and Koshas
  • Important nadis and chakras
  • Shat kriyas
  • Ashta Kumbhaka
  • Swara Yoga
Week 2
  • What is Pranayama?
  • Pranayama and Prana vidya
  • Keys to unlock the Prana?
  • Prana and Mantra
  • Use of Mantra in Pranayama
  • Physiology of Breathing
  • Yogic Physiology of the Nose
  • Importance of Kumbhaka
  • Benefits of Pranayama according to research
  • Research on Breath and Pranayama
  • Pranayama During Meditation
  • How to advance pranayama practice 


  • Should have completed Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training
  • Anybody passionate to become an expert in Pranayama
  • Anybody who wants to elevate the Yoga Career
  • Anybody who want to conduct quality pranayama workshops
  • Anybody enthusiastic to serve the society
  • Anybody who wants to teach yoga at schools


  • Mobile Phone or Laptop
  • Good internet connection
  • Quiet space to practice and watch the lectures
  • ​​A nice notebook to take notes
  • A Yoga Mat to pratice on
  • A desire to complete this training program

Upcoming Batches

Date Days Time Location
6 November 2023 Mon-Fri(Weekday) 05:00PM - 07:00PM Zoom Online sessions

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